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According to Dr. Taj, a prominent Seologist, Ayurveda has remedies for all type of diseases but we are ignoring its blessings.Dr. Taj Treatments/prescriptions are based on Ayurvedic medicines as per Shastras (manuscript) and Ayurvedic pharmacopeia.He also offers to counsel to Males, Females, and couples for relationship issues and sexual problems.
With his more than 30+ years of experience, Dr. Rashid Sheikh Famously known as Dr.Taj has developed ayurvedic medicines, which are providing guaranteed results to patients.Dr. Taj is prescribing medicines, Which have been developed in the research center of Taj Dawakhan,Agra.Doctor Taj himself take cognizance of medicine making process.
Dr. Taj consultation can be taken from his clinic located at Delhi, Agra, and Lucknow of Country India.


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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction exists when the man is unable to achieve sufficient rigidity of the penis to allow complete vaginal penetration, leading to orgasm with ejaculation in the posterior vaginal fundus, resulting in satisfactory sexual intercourse. This disability must be manifested persistently in order to be considered as an alteration.


Nightfall or medically knows as Nocturnal emission is defined as the involuntary spillage of sperm during sleep, without foreplay, for men, and vaginal lubrication, for women, accompanied or not by erotic dreams. Although it is more common among teenagers and young adults (12 to 20 years of age), nocturnal emission can also happen to married men or women with an active and stable sex life, and they can reach orgasm. It is a natural means of eliminating excess semen and other sexual secretions from the body. People who masturbate frequently or have an active sex life experience this type of ejaculation less often. These involuntary ejaculations are physiological and normal and do not harm the person.

Premature Ejaculation

It is called premature ejaculation that occurs very quickly, before the person wants it and before his sexual partner has reached orgasm, which is usually experienced with great anxiety and dissatisfaction. Ejaculation usually takes place within 1 or 2 minutes, before the mere contact with the vagina or as soon as the penis is introduced into it. In fact, there is no minimum time for premature ejaculation. What there is is a subjective feeling by the man and his partner that the ejaculation was too fast, it happened before it was wanted and it cannot be controlled.

Penis Enlargement

Almost all men experience anxiety at some point about the size or appearance of their penis. In most cases, worries of this nature tend to disappear, but some men continue with a certain obsession. In fact, some men avoid sex and stop doing sports and other activities where others can see their naked bodies. Often, the shame of the apparently small size of the penis adds a sense of worry and absurdity because of the anxiety itself.

Low Sperm Count.

A fertile man has between 15 and 150 million sperm per milliliter of sperm. A count of less than 15 million greatly decreases a man's chances of getting his partner pregnant. Low sperm count is the most common symptom of male infertility and it stems from a variety of causes. When detected, a doctor must evaluate and investigate its causes in order to carry out available treatments. But while the couple's chances of conceiving are diminished with low counts, that doesn't mean it's not possible. What happens in practice is that it will take some time for more attempts.


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